“Tokitarazu” is the generic Japanese term for your sentiment for the past time, and the Japanese aesthetic sensibility to feel the passage of time.

We all value the pursuit of food, comfortable space, and our hospitality, so that you can feel “Tokitarazu”, the aesthetic sensibility, and spend precious and meaningful time. We all look forward to your visit.


The islands of Japan extend to the north and south, and are surrounded by the sea. This unique geography allows us to enjoy seasonal seafood and mountain products, and also to continue developing traditional food culture.

In 2013, Washoku (Japanese cuisine) has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, which made Washoku more attractive to the world. Since then, Washoku has established its position as a “food culture” with ideal nutrients.

We “Tokitarazu” take pride in our pursuit of the Japanese aesthetic sensibility in the world of food, and also value the Japanese mind to worship the nature. We serve seasonal traditional Japanese cuisine, while strictly focusing on the seasonal ingredients as well as the producers of the ingredients. Enjoy the blessing of nature.


We provide catered lunch so that you can
enjoy the taste of “Tokitarazu” for your
special occasions and events.Our chef will
select and utilize seasonal ingredients,
consider the nutritional balance,and
cordially prepare our signature dishes.
Let us cater for your next special
occasion or event!

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We recruit staff who work with us at
our shop (Regular employee / part).
Japanese food and hospitality
Those who want to learn the mind,
We will wait. Please do not hesitate
to contact us. (Experienced person
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