“Tokitarazu” is the generic Japanese term for your sentiment for the past time, and the Japanese aesthetic sensibility to feel the passage of time.

We would take good care of refined culture and provide precious and relaxing time with our hospitality to you.


After Ieyasu Tokugawa became a Barbarian Subduing Generalissimo shogun at Keicho 8 (on March 24, 1603), Edo period started. Then many people came to Edo from all other areas.

The population of about 150,000 people increased over 1million that was the highest population in a city at the beginning of the 18th century.

Along with the population raise, the Food culture at Edo become diversity and a liquor shop was established which would be the prototype of Izakaya in the first half in 1600 ‘s.

The behavior that you stayed to drink alcohol at a liquor shop was named as “Izaka” and then it is said that “Izakaya” was born for the first time in Edo. Japanese food has registered as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of the world in recent years in 2013, which made people in the world to pay more attention to Japanese food.

We have made the food culture inherited via time of 410 years more attractive and provide our dishes that we are proud of while being particular about food directly taken from farms and seasonal ingredients as Edo kaiseki sakaba.

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We provide catered lunch so that
you can enjoy the taste of “Tokitarazu”
for your special occasions and events.
Our chef will select and utilize seasonal
ingredients, consider the nutritional
balance, and cordially prepare our
signature dishes.
Let us cater for your next special occasion or event!


※Same-day reservation. Uber Eats, FineDine are only available for neighborhood nearby.


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We are hiring chefs and servers
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